Writer, Director
Monish Gangwani is a filmmaker and technology entrepreneur based in Seattle and Mumbai. In working with international audiences during his marketing career at Microsoft, Gangwani discovered the power of storytelling as the unifying medium that inspires change across audience groups. This along with an innate passion for cinema led him to write and direct his first short – The Roar. He has served as the Marketing Director for the Seattle South Asian Film Festival and been a theater actor in several Seattle based productions.


Matt Dy is a Seattle based actor and editor. Matt went to Film School to study directing and discovered his love for storytelling and acting. He has acted as the lead in over 20 short films, theater productions, and commercials. Having studied acting and editing under award winning industry professionals, Matt nurses a passion for music; he sings and composes music just for the love of it. 


Music Composer, Sound Designer

Governor of PNW Grammy Recording Academy, Andrew is also the contributing composer of the Grammy award winning album, The Heist. A Seattle-native composer, orchestrator, and violinist, Andrew has been playing violin since he was 5 years old and his formative years were spent studying classical music. Now a seasoned performer, composer, and arranger, he has worked with some of the most iconic Northwest musicians and beyond such as: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, David Bazan, Built To Spill, Mark Lanegan and more. 

Associate Producer, Actor

Melissa Pang is an actor based in Seattle, Washington.  After completing her BA in Psychology from the University of Washington, Melissa found herself drawn to acting and the theatrical arts. A graduate of the Meisner Progression Practicum from The Freehold Theater, she has worked and trained extensively with award winning actors and directors. She draws from her education in psychology to essay a wide range of emotions to deliver compelling character performances. .


Associate Producer

Eric Penz is the author of the award-winning novel, Cryptid: The Lost Legacy of Lewis & Clark and the novella, Courage Between. He earned his bachelor of science degree in environmental biology from Eastern Washington University in 1995. His postgraduate work was done at the University of Washington where he completed a two-year literary program in commercial fiction. He is also an alumni of The Film School.

Director of Photography

A former Point Man of the united States Marine Corps, Randy Stalcup has trained and tutored under some of the best cinematography and lighting minds in the Northwest. He has trained in Digital Cinematography at the Art Institute of Seattle where he co-founded the first successful video club with one of the largest clubs by membership (200+) in the history of the institute. As the Point man for an Infantry squad while on a 8 month tour in the Helmand province, Afghanistan, Randy has served the country during an important time in it’s history. 


Award winning colorist, John Davidson has an extensive history of color grading for a large projects that include television programs/series, commercials, films, music videos, documentaries and corporate branding. His experience as Senior Colorist started at Editel Los Angeles, a division of Columbia Pictures, where he worked for 4 years before migrating to Seattle. In Seattle, John worked as Senior Colorist for Telemation Productions (8 years), Pinnacle Studios (10 years) and Victory Studios (7 years) before creating his own company, John Davidson Color.